Floorijn supports hospitals and care institutions in the complete process of care marketing and care sales. This is done by, among other things, secondment of qualified personnel and targeted tooling that helps to gain insight into care. From the outside in. With more than 20 years experience, at health insurers, hospitals and institutions, Floorijn knows the (care) market well.

care marketing

Collection, bundling of market data in the field of demography, economic or public data.

Care sales

Giving support in determining the strategy, portfolio choices.

Care market

Monitoring and reporting all agreements we have made.


Providing insight into care and, above all, mirroring the environment is essential.

Care marketing and healthcare sales are the “bricks” that make an important contribution to shaping and managing the strategy of the organization.

In addition to determining and determining the strategy, it is of course important that we want to promote the quality and satisfaction of our customers or patients and, on the other hand, also want to be a good partner for health insurer, care office and municipality. Transparency is about what we do and how we do it is of great importance.


In recent years there has been an emphatic focus on affordability, accessibility and quality of care. Due to the increase in care consumption, the economy and demographic developments, there is great pressure on care and funding.

Quality of care for “people” must be the basis for making agreements between providers and insurers. Various trends are observable (and also used) that contribute to the changing healthcare market. Care innovations have and continue to have an impact on care. Whether it involves stimulating shared decision-making in the doctor’s office or innovations that monitor patient care remotely during recovery or pre-operative treatment.


Fortunately, in addition to the providers and insurers, we also have many patient associations, professional groups and related organizations that contribute ideas and contribute to improvements in the quality of care for “people”. The market for care is changing strongly. The life expectancy of the people in the past, present and future is changing strongly. Where the life expectancy of the man in 1950 was still at 70 years, we are expected to go to 90 in a few years.


8.8 million people with a chronic illness (source: VWS)

On 1 January 2016, 8.8 million people in the Netherlands had one or more chronic diseases. This corresponds to 52% of the Dutch population. A ‘chronic illness’ is defined here as a disease in which there is generally no prospect of complete recovery. The estimate is based on a selection of 109 chronic diseases registered by the general practitioner. The diagnosis can be made by the GP or may have been taken over from another healthcare provider.

This of course has an impact on the qualitative care that we have to purchase or sell with each other. In addition, we would like to grow old at home and the% chronically ill will increase as we get older.

It all affects the general practitioner, the specialist, “people and their environment”.

In order to get a better grip on the quality of care and patients, there are countless initiatives in the country to organize care from the total care (experience) of “people”. Of course, this applies to ‘measuring’ and continuous improvement. (Value based healthcare)

For a long time we know many different changes in many areas. The regulations have also contributed to the fact that a lot has changed in the care landscape. Safety nets have disappeared and the complexity of the funding (including the manageability) is considerable. All parties (government, insurers and suppliers) have made agreements about the way in which we have to deal with the purchase or sale of healthcare within our country.




Floorijn supports the institutions in the total process of negotiation. Both in tooling and on secondment basis. Of course also the hands to eventually professionalise and record the agreement between provider and insurer. This of course also means that the connection with the professionals (specialists) within the institution (healthcare institution / hospital / etc.) Is of great importance so that we can do the right things together. 

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